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Metalwork Syntesi Range

Syntesi air treatment unit by Metal Work This new unit features very high performance in relation to its reduced dimensions and weight. The size 1 filter regulator, which measures 42x44 mm, has a flow rate of 2400 Nl/min, double that of most existing units of the same size. The filter regulator of the size 2 – whose dimensions are 61x61 – has a flow rate up to 7.400 Nl/min. This means units of limited weight and size can be used, meeting the current demand for increased miniaturisation and reduced use of materials that characterises modern industrial design. Syntesi comes with an intelligent modular connecting system in which the threaded brass fitting can be replaced by one with another type of thread or a module-linking nipple. This eliminates the need for traditional elements such as tie rods, cams and yokes, making the system simpler and more economical. Each module - whether it be a regulator, filter, valve or progressive starter – has an 1/8” port for size 1 and 1/4” port for size 2, on the front and one on the back that can be used as air intakes or for connecting gauges or pressure switches. The knob on the regulator or hand-operated valve can be padlocked via the plate and latch on it. After testing, each module is laser-marked with full technical details, the ordering code and the date of manufacture.